About E-Starbright

  • E-Starbright was established in 2012, the company is located in Shenzhen, China, with a logistics center in Hong Kong. Our members have over 20 years of industry experience. Not only professional, but also dedicated.
  • E-Starbright are determined to become an excellent distributor of electronic components. We are backed by China and open to the world. While we have a huge supplier channel network, we also have a strict supplier screening system.
  • We have in-depth cooperation with distributors of ICs,  LED components, capacitors, resistors, relays, connectors, etc. While ensuring quality, we can also give our users the greatest support in terms of price and increase our users’ competition in the industry.

Our Mission

Solve the problem of purchasing electronic components for users, get the recognition of users, and become an excellent distributor of electronic components

Our Values

We provide a wide range of  Electronic Components, technical expertise and cost-effective solutions to turn users’ ideas into reality.

Whether you are sourcing electronic components or selling surplus electronic components, E-Starbright deserves to be your first point of contact. We can help you find unpopular and scarce components.


At any one time, E-starbright has thousands of products dispatched from our Hong Kong logistics center, so we can meet the needs of major enterprises around the world.


E-Starbright serves more than 3,000 customers in more than 60 countries around the world. Our customer base covers instrumentation, rail transit, communication manufacturing, medical equipment, automotive electronics, aerospace and other fields. We provide first-class products and professional services to enable our customers to gain a competitive advantage in the market, so we have won the title of excellent supplier many times as an electronic components distributor.

E-Starbright Electronic Co., Limited