After-sale instructions

Acceptance conditions for return and exchange

1. If the actual received goods do not match the order quantity or model, you can apply for a return or exchange within one day after receiving the goods. If the packaging is damaged, please keep the original state and take a photo to contact immediately. Overdue will not be accepted.

2. When returning or exchanging products, please be sure to keep the complete original packaging and ensure that the labels of the goods are intact. If there is any loss or damage, it will not be returned or exchanged.

3. If the product is returned due to product quality problems, the customer needs to provide a detailed performance test report as the basis for negotiation between our company and the supplier or the original factory. If necessary, a third-party test report recognized by both parties is also required.

4. If the order with an invoice has been issued, the invoice must be returned after the return application is approved.

Returns and exchanges are not accepted

1. The original packaging and label of the product are damaged or missing. (except for non-original labels)

2. Products that have been damaged during use/testing on the machine.

3. The time of receiving the goods is more than two months (subject to the date of express receipt).

4. The issued invoice is lost.

5. Misordering caused by the customer’s own reasons.

6. Problems causing product quality include but are not limited to: accidents, abuse, unreasonable use, misuse, power problems, use and/or storage and/or installation of products not in accordance with product instructions, failure to perform required preventive maintenance , normal wear and tear, natural disasters, fire, flood, war, violence or any similar event; and problems caused by the use of parts not supplied by our company.