Boosting Automotive Semiconductor Market Demand: Nuvoton, Holtek, and Wingtech Lead the Way

1.Nuvoton and Holtek Meet Urgent Orders, Boosting Industry Destocking

The Taiwan Business Times reports that the gradual unblocking of consumption in mainland China is reducing upstream inventory, aided by supplements to the supply chain performance from Nuvoton, Holtek, and others to fulfill short-term urgent orders. Nuvoton’s first-quarter revenue decline is expected to narrow with the mass production of new products, while Holtek invests in downstream solution companies to expand MCU’s seaports.

2.Wingtech Technology: Nexperia’s Automotive Semiconductor Market Demand Continues to Grow

Wingtech Technology states on the investor interaction platform that Nexperia’s products are widely used in traditional and new energy vehicles, and the market demand for automotive semiconductors that Nexperia faces is still growing due to the rapid development of new energy vehicles. Wingtech’s semiconductor business focuses on automotive automation, networking, and electrification to match the rapid development of automotive semiconductors.

3.Singapore Offers Large Subsidies to Attract TSMC for Fab Construction

Singapore is actively persuading TSMC to invest in the construction of a 12-inch fab through incentives and subsidies that include free land, water, and electricity, tax incentives, and sufficient human resources. TSMC currently has a joint venture 8-inch wafer fab in Singapore, but the subsidies provided this time may persuade TSMC to build a 12-inch fab.

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