IGBT Stock Shortage, DRAM Prices to Converge, and Intel Withdraws from 5G Market

1.Due to increased demand for automotive and industrial applications, the supply of IGBTs will remain low until mid-2024. Tesla’s decreased consumption of SiC may lead to IGBT being one of the alternatives, but certification and long-term customer relationships will still take time to consider.

2.Rumors suggest that some driver IC prices may increase by 10% to 15% in April due to the expected increase in production capacity utilization and terminal demand.

3.The average price decline of DRAM is expected to converge to 10%-15% in the second quarter, but it may not yet reach the end of the downward cycle due to uncertain demand recovery in the second half of 2023.

4.Intel will completely withdraw from the 5G market by July and transfer the technical solutions for notebook 5G WWAN product development to MediaTek and Fibcom, while continuing to develop related technologies such as WLAN and Bluetooth

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