Renesas Electronics' Acquisition of Steradian Helps Simplify Automotive Radar System Design and Further Expands Its Radar Market

On October 17, 2022, Renesas Electronics, a global semiconductor solutions provider, announced that it has completed the acquisition of Steradian Semiconductors Private Limited (“Steradian”), a fabless semiconductor company providing 4D imaging radar solutions.



Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Steradian is a start-up company founded in 2016 that provides radar solutions that achieve high-precision object recognition and power efficiency in a small size. Radar is a critical technology for ADAS, which uses a complex combination of sensors in the vehicle to detect objects. Renesas plans to expand its automotive product portfolio and expand its presence in the radar market with Steradian’s radar technology, leveraging on the high-growth opportunities offered by the automotive radar market.



The resulting automotive radar solution will combine new automotive radar products, Renesas’ ADAS SoC (system on a chip) for processing radar signals, power management IC (PMIC) and timing products, and software for object recognition. These solutions will simplify automotive radar system design and help speed up product development.



After the acquisition, Steradian has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics. Combining Steradian’s outstanding radar technology and engineering talents will strengthen Renesas’ sensing solutions for a wide range of applications, including industrial systems. Renesas Electronics will bring together a superior product portfolio and software to meet the growing demand for sensor technology solutions and continue to make design work easier for engineers.

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