Renesas Electronics Introduces 10 New Portfolio of Successful Products Including Automotive Grade

Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), a global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of 10 new “Successful Portfolios” that combine Renesas’ broad portfolio of products – including electric vehicle (EV) charging, dashboard control and traction motors Various applications such as low-voltage inverter functions.


The Renesas “Winning Portfolio” is a technically proven superior design that enables users to realize their design concepts with a high-level platform, shortening product development cycles and reducing the overall risk of bringing designs to market. Renesas has launched more than 300 “successful product portfolios” for a wide range of users and markets.



In November 2022, Renesas announced the establishment of a unified global sales and marketing organization, merging teams from its Automotive Electronics Solutions Business Unit (ABU) and Internet of Things and Infrastructure Business Unit (IIBU) to accelerate cross-business divisions cooperation. The new organizational structure enables Renesas to take advantage of scale by facilitating cross-selling opportunities and broader user coverage. The newly launched “Successful Product Portfolio” is the first batch of solutions that combine automotive-grade and non-automotive products.



Chris Allexandre, Senior Vice President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Renesas Electronics, said: “These ‘successful product portfolios’ are excellent examples of Renesas leveraging synergies from a new organizational structure. By integrating Renesas’ technology, market and customer With our depth of experience, we can match solutions at best value to large, fast-growing opportunities in all geographies.”



The 10 new “success portfolios” include the following solutions:



1.  OCPP interface card (OIC) for smart electric vehicle charger


The Open Charging Protocol (OCPP) is used for communication between connected charging stations and connected charging management systems. Today, charging stations can be connected to OCPP, but with this new solution, stand-alone electric vehicle chargers will also be able to connect to OCPP servers to authorize vehicles, manage charger configuration remotely, get real-time alerts and more. This gives users and manufacturers the flexibility to use any charger with any EV system supporting multiple charging technologies. The “Winning Portfolio” includes Renesas’ Bluetooth® Low Energy, Wi-Fi and MCU products.



2. 3 kW off-board electric vehicle charger


The high power off-board charger is the functional block that supports the battery pack solution. This charger combo operates over a universal input range and uses a high-end MCU to control power factor correction (PFC) and manage zero voltage switching (ZVS). This “successful portfolio” includes Renesas’ MCU, analog, power and PWM controller products.



3.  Networked Android Dashboard


These connected cockpit designs provide developers with all the modules and peripherals they need to develop a complete cockpit application. This custom board comes with multiple wireless connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, LTE, GPS, and more. Information from outside the vehicle can be fed via dual CAN/FD communication channels. It supports three display connections and multiple boot options, supports Android-based infotainment systems, and dashboard applications through FreeRTOS. This “successful portfolio” includes Renesas R-Car automotive system-on-chip (SoC), power management devices, timing products, Wi-Fi, modules and Bluetooth products.



Other “success portfolios” include:



4. Charging and communication unit for electric vehicle charging pile


5. Vehicle control unit


6. Low-cost TFT dashboard with telematics system


7. Low voltage inverter for 2/3 wheel traction motor control


8. Automotive telematics box module


9. High performance electric vehicle charging wall box solution


10. Portable electric car charger


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