TE's new internal cable high-speed connector MCIO achieves speeds up to 56Gbps and supports PCIe Gen 5 applications

In the digital age, the most important thing about surfing the Internet is “fast”. TE connectivity’s (hereinafter referred to as “TE”) internal cable interconnection system solutions are born to meet the challenges brought about by the increase in data rates.

Whether it is flexibility or performance, TE’s internal cable interconnection solutions have excellent performance, provide good signal integrity, and save space at the same time. This new connection technology eliminates the need for retimers and lower-loss but more expensive PCB materials, and uses TE high-speed cables to achieve speeds up to 56Gbps, simplifying designs and helping to reduce overall costs.

Focus on the new MCIO

Recently, TE’s internal cable interconnection family has added a “new member” – Mini Cool Edge IO (MCIO) 85 ohm products, which meet the next generation industry standard of SFF-TA-1016, support PCIe Gen 5 applications, and enable data rate Further “take off”.

Low Profile, High Density Cable Solutions

· 0.6mm pitch

· 13.95mm high (vertical socket, right angle plug)

· Center lock


· 92 Ohm 8X 16X Vertical

· 85 Ohm 4X 8X 16X Vertical

· 85 Ohm 4X 8X 16X right angle in development

Cable assembly

100 Ohm: 56G PAM-4, SAS-4

85 Ohms: PCIe Gen 4, PCIe Gen 5

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