WDA SAC Group launched a 400W automotive electronic water pump solution based on Infineon products

On March 9, 2023, WDA , a leading distributor of semiconductor components dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region, announced that its subsidiary SAC launched a 400W automotive electronic water pump solution based on Infineon’s TLE9879QXW40 chip.

The automobile water pump is an important part of the engine cooling system. Its function is to make the coolant flow quickly in the engine’s cooling water channel to maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine. According to different driving methods, water pumps can be divided into two types:

 mechanical water pumps and electronic water pumps. Compared with mechanical water pumps that are easily affected by engine speed, electronic water pumps are controlled by electronic units and can work flexibly according to the actual cooling needs of the engine, which makes them popular in new energy vehicles. The 400W automotive electronic water pump solution launched by Dalian Dapinjia based on the Infineon TLE9879QXW40 chip has the characteristics of flexible control and high efficiency, which can improve the reliability of the automotive cooling system.



The core of this solution uses Infineon’s TLE9879QXW40 single-chip three-phase motor driver, which integrates the Arm® Cortex-M3® core, which can realize advanced motor control algorithms such as field-oriented control. Inside the driver are six fully integrated NFET drivers optimized to drive three-phase motors via three external power NFETs, a charge pump supporting low-voltage operation and programmable current, and current slope control for optimized EMC behavior. The TLE9879QXW40 peripheral integrates a current sensor, a successive approximation ADC synchronized with a capture and compare unit for PWM control, and a 3-bit timer. A LIN transceiver is also integrated to communicate with the device as well as many general purpose I/Os. In addition, the TLE9879QXW40 includes an on-chip linear regulator for powering external loads.



With the advantages of the TLE9879QXW40 device, this solution can provide high cost performance and integration for the design of electronic water pumps, thereby bringing refined management to the cooling system of new energy vehicles and reducing the probability of generator failure caused by temperature.



Core technical advantages:


1. Support 12V system, FOC BLDC/PMSM motor control application with output power of 400W;


2. Support direct parameter adjustment of various motors;


3. Support overvoltage (OV), undervoltage (UV), overcurrent (OC),

 overtemperature (OT) and short circuit diagnosis and protection;


4. Implement advanced motor control algorithms such as stall detection and field weakening control.



Program Specifications:


1. Support 9-16V DC power input;


2. Support sensorless FOC BLDC/PMSM motor control;


3. Support Hall Senor FOC BLDC/PMSM motor control;


4. Support PWM/LIN control command speed regulation.

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