Wafer foundry market turns, Infineon expands foundry layout

1. Nuvoton and Holtek filled up urgent orders, and the destocking process improved



According to the Taiwan Business Times report, the effect of unblocking consumption in mainland China is gradually emerging, which will help to reduce upstream inventory. For some short-term urgent orders, Nuvoton, Holtek and other supply chain performance supplements.



Nuvoton’s first-quarter revenue decline is expected to narrow. With the mass production of new products, revenue margins will rise quarter by quarter. It is expected that the unblocking effect in mainland China will respond the fastest in the mobile phone market, TV has also rebounded, and PC is relatively slow. The electric vehicle BMIC will expand with the expansion of production capacity, and the long-term plan will expand to the energy storage market.



Holtek’s main products are various MCUs, accounting for more than 80% of its revenue, and the rest are various peripheral ICs that match MCUs. Holtek not only invests in agents, but also in downstream solution companies to jointly develop new markets and expand MCU’s seaports.




2. Wingtech Technology: The market demand for automotive semiconductors faced by Nexperia is still on a growing trend



According to IT House, Wingtech Technology stated on the investor interaction platform that Nexperia’s products are widely used in traditional automobiles and new energy vehicles, and about half of Nexperia’s business revenue comes from the automotive industry. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has doubled the application of automotive semiconductors. The number of semiconductors used in a new energy vehicle is several times that of fuel vehicles. In the long run, the market demand for automotive semiconductors that Nexperia faces is still growing.



Wingtech’s semiconductor business will focus on automotive automation, networking and electrification, continue to optimize product structure, and globalize the layout to match the rapid development of automotive semiconductors. The vehicle-mounted smart cockpit products of Wingtech’s product integration business have been mass-produced and supplied to leading smart car customers, and are currently strengthening product technology innovation to develop more customers.




3. Singapore is trying to persuade TSMC to build a factory through large subsidies



According to TechWeb citing foreign media reports, Singapore is actively trying to persuade TSMC to invest in the construction of a 12-inch fab through a large number of incentives and subsidies. According to industry insiders, the subsidies provided by Singapore this time, including free land, water and electricity, as well as tax incentives and sufficient human resources, may persuade TSMC to build a 12-inch fab.



TSMC currently has a joint venture 8-inch wafer fab in Singapore, which was initially invested and constructed by TSMC, a company under NXP and the Singapore Economic Development Board. However, in 2006, TSMC and NXP acquired the Singapore Economic Development Board. Shares, which in turn became a joint venture between TSMC and NXP.




4. Commercialization of Murata’s first high-current, wide-band, small-size wire-wound common mode choke coil

Murata has innovatively developed a 3225-size small wire-wound common mode choke coil that can implement noise countermeasures in a wide frequency range from tens of MHz to several GHz with a single component, and supports power lines with a rated current of up to 1.2A , and realize commercialization. Wire-wound common mode choke coils such as the DLW32PH122XK2, which achieve noise countermeasures over a wide frequency range and can be used for power lines, can also be used for high-performance consumer and industrial equipment.

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